L O V E . Y O U R . L I F E .

The most important thing that our team wants to share with you is that you can heal yourself from migraines forever.
The Truth About Migraines is that the power to heal lies with in you.

From Diana Anderson, Author of The Truth About Migraines

“I lived with chronic pain since I was a teenager. This started me on a constant search for pain relief. The medical community’s answer was medication, which perpetuated my condition and didn’t promote true healing. I felt desperate and depressed as my symptoms worsened. Sometimes I could not get out of bed, I couldn’t perform my normal daily obligations and I could not enjoy life to its fullest. The idea of living migraine-free didn’t seem possible to me for a long time. After being hospitalized and having powerful prescription drugs that failed to improve my quality of life, I began extensive research regarding migraines. I learned that my condition had compounded over many years due to numerous external and internal factors. I started to implement many new protocols into my life and found a permanent solution, including new daily habits and thoughts that were within my power to change and heal. I’m going to share with you methods to eliminate migraines that anyone can do, because the power to be migraine free begins and ends with you. I have healed from incapacitating migraines completely.”


Our team wants to help anyone who suffers from migraines to live a pain free life. 


Diana Anderson

Founder, Author

Diana Anderson began her health journey at age 19 when a bookstore owner lent her a book about how to have a healthy pregnancy and home birth. From experience with midwives to chiropractors, nutritionists and healers, her journey has led her to intuition about the body and in depth mechanics to understand the illness of migraines that plagued her. Today she is VP of Coaching for a dynamic health company. As an author on many topics, it was natural for Diana to write about how she healed from migraines and share the research that led her to wellness. Living in Boise, Idaho, her favorite activities include hiking and biking in the mountains of Idaho, time in nature and time with her family, partner and grandchildren.

Julie Lynn

Co-Founder & Sound Healer

Julie Lynn has been passionate about improving health for herself and others for the past twenty years which has led her to the position of VP of Experience for an international health company. In a short period of time, she healed her own migraines intuitively and enjoys teaching others how to do the same. Her mission is to transform peoples’ lives so they feel their best. She studied as a raw food chef, traveled the world, visiting six continents and a growing number of countries. Besides traveling she enjoys time with her sons and family, hosting dinners, learning, teaching, singing and music. Loving called Jules by all who know her, she has a big heart and a commitment to share the knowledge of health with the world. Jules lives in Portland, Oregon.

Jina Nelson

Event Director

Jina Nelson became health driven at the age of 9 when she feel in love with competitive gymnastics. She went on to own and operate her own gymnastics gym, and passed her love for gymnastics and health to her students. At the age of 44, Jina fell ill and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. After the realization that she was not improving and western medicine was only treating her symptoms, Jina took matters into her own hands. Through research, an organic, plant based diet, she is now in control of her health and loves the knowledge she has gained through the process. She is passionate to share alternative health, healing and love with all. Today Jina lives in Idaho and spends her free time with family.

Shari DeVaard

Creative Director

Shari DeVaard is a musician, painter and graphic artist. From a young age she was involved in the arts, performing live original music, was selected as Artist in Residence, hosted numerous art exhibits and started her own web design company at age 21. For seven years she managed a local business handling event coordination, web/graphic design, sales, branding and marketing. As a writer, artist and musician she uses her love for creativity to bring the mission and vision of this method of healing to life. She designs the website and online marketing material for The Truth About Migraines.